Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family Game Night

I knew when I became a mother that I wanted to start some family traditions like my family did when I was younger. Family traditions are a wonderful way to give children a sense of family and belonging. They are a chance for us to share connections that have special meanings within our family.

Besides the usual holiday traditions I wanted to have a tradition that carried on throughout the year. I remembered back to when I was younger and how we would watch the Muppet Show and eat Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream at my grandparents house or the occasional card games when my aunt, uncle and cousins would stop by and we’d play Hossy. Well those wouldn’t work out for my family now for the sheer fact that the girls don’t need to watch any more TV and that card games are a little too advance for them right now. So we decided to do a family game night.

Each of the girls gets to pick a game for everyone to play….usually picking games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, I Spy, War, Monopoly Jr, Twister and Hungry, Hungry Hippos,

For the past 2 years for us “staying in is the new going out.”

I also realized that during these bad economic times, board games and the family game night start to make a whole lot of sense as a way to entertain everybody cheaply.

Besides saving money with FGN, there are also other benefits to the game night. It is teaching the girls about strategy, problem solving, vocabulary, logic, reading, patience, following rules, colors, concentration, teamwork and most of all memories.


A night out at the movies = $55.00
A New Board Game = $20.00
Family Game night at the Gelnett’s= PRICELESS

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